Bose Sound Sanctuary Sweepstakes
Bose Sound Sanctuary Sweepstakes

Each month, 30 people who share submissions will receive Bose Noise Cancelling Headphones 700, a SoundLink Revolve+ Bluetooth speaker, or Bose Sport Earbuds.

Monthly Entry. Expires December 31, 2021. U.S. Only.
by Scott Carneal on 03/29/2021 11:11am
I've listened to Bose products practically all my life!
Their sound quality is unmatched. I have a Wave radio, and the sound is crystal clear! I also have
bookshelf speakers, and a Bluetooth speaker, which fills a room with top quality sound! My car also has factory Bose quality sound system. Would love to win this contest!
by Melton C McKinney on 03/28/2021 02:38pm
I have some of there equipment and I absolutely love them.
My children keep asking me to give them to them.
Once my daughter had a party and used my wave radio to play there CD's and every one was amazed at the sound quality.
by Elaine Farrar on 03/27/2021 07:22pm
Bose is the top of the line. I would love some headphones!
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