HGTV Benjamin Moore Paint It Right Sweepstakes
HGTV Benjamin Moore Paint It Right Sweepstakes

Prize (1): $40,000

Daily Entry. Expires June 22, 2018. U.S. Only.
by Lance Ipock on 06/17/2018 11:35pm
by lisa on 06/17/2018 05:32pm
To me again. You said it! I sometimes read the comments for a chuckle.
by Me again.. on 06/17/2018 04:51am
Irene, u "could use the cash"? Really? There's someone in this world who "could use the cash"? Begging is disgusting. Didn't ur mama teach u anything???
by Janine on 06/17/2018 04:50am
Kenny & Irene: please stop being weird. Of course you want to win.. Everybody who enters would like to win. No one is going to sway it on your behalf. No matter how much you beg or be weird. Don't be pathetic. It's a contest. It's supposed to be FUN. BEGGING IS PATHETIC. (WINNERS ARE CHOSEN RANDOMLY BY COMPUTER, NOT BY THE ONE WHO BEGS THE MOST, NOT BY THE SADDEST SOB STORY, ETC.)
by Irene S on 05/29/2018 01:46am
I would love to win and really could use the cash.
by Kenneth Watson on 05/28/2018 07:53pm
Help me win this
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