Klein Tools Win It Wednesdays
Klein Tools Win It Wednesdays

A total of up to 250 prizes will be awarded during the Sweepstakes; one to five prizes will be awarded each week during the Promotion Period. The prizes will be determined by Sponsor and consist of a selection of Klein Tools branded products or tools, each with an approximate retail value of $5-$250.

Weekly Entry. Expires December 31, 2018. U.S. and Canada Only.
by peter cash on 11/06/2018 05:55pm
like your logo of the telephone lineman by norman rockwell
by Ann Mac Neily on 06/23/2018 06:13pm
Awesome tools thank you for the chance to win some tools
by Ava on 03/29/2018 03:26am
Made In America good enough for us
by lisa on 02/12/2018 12:34pm
I don't know about tools, but when I asked my husband if I should enter he said he## yes!
by Dick simpson on 01/22/2018 03:43pm
I am a tool junkie
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